It is unwise, to pay to much, but it is even worse, to pay to few, as: If you pay to much, you loose some money, that´s all. However if you pay to less, you sometimes loose all, because the object cannot fullfill the responsible task. The law of business prohibits to gain much value for few money. If you take the lowest offer you have to add something for the risk: And if you do that, then you have enough money to pay for something better. (John Ruskin)

PD Dr. Ing. Andreas Weideneder

himself originates from a medium sized brewery-company (, he worked as a technical manager in medium-sized breweries and he is uniting technical and economic aspects in all his consulting activities. He is:

  • Dr. Dipl. Ing. for the brewing and beverage technology (Technical University Munich/Weihenstephan)
  • Offical appointed court surveyor for benchmarking and planning technical installations of the beverage technology at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry CCI Munich.
  • Auditor for DIN ISO 9000 and 14000, at TÜV Süd, environment auditor, agent of water protection.
  • Convinced service provider, RKW-Consultant since 1995
  • Member at Bundesverband deutscher Sachverständigenrat e.V. (BDSR), Verein ehemaliger Weihenstephaner (VEW), Competence Pool Weihenstephan (CPW), Board of Economical Affairs of Christian Social Union CSU
  • Associate Professor  at various universities a.o. institutions (f.e. Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg
Brauerei Weideneder

The longtermed satisfied customers is in the focus of our consulting activities.

Dr. Weideneder originates from a high traditioned Bavarian Brewery (Weideneder Bräu, Tann; and is therefore aware of the problems, but also the chances and potentials of those companies from day one.

Through his detailed knowledge and expertise of both technical and economical specialities of the branche in combination with his international experiences in the set up of Joint Venture Projects a neutral und superior view of the individuell situation in Your company results.

Brauerei Weideneder

On the other hand through the position as public sworn court expert of the IHK Munich (Department of Trade an Industry DTI) an independant consulting constellation is guarantied again to the advantage of our clients. An exorbitant network of partners for finance, building planning, IT for the brewing and beverage, marketing, etc. is available. The consulting can be supported by local financial or political institutions. As auditor for management systems we can evaluate neutrally and optimize processes.

Brauerei Weideneder

Market situation:

  • Worldwide, export and nationalwide, turnovers and distribution channels, chances and risks. Partialy dramatic changes in the world beverage market (national and international) 
  • Trends: Internationalization, sustainability, nativeness, ongoing craft beer & beverage revolution, extended product variety, live cycle management
  • Actually consolidation and restructuring in many countries, f.e. Germany
  • Globalisation creates enormous changes

As result of above economical enduring and futureable concepts and strategies in the areas of production, marketing and distribution as well as management systems have to be developed.

Our target market

We understand ourselves as experts for the medium sized companies in the field of the beverage industry and ist supplying industry.

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